i am the greatest man that ever lived

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Anonymous asked:

Tu parles Francais?

My French is really bad. Like I sound like an American whenever I try to formulate sentences so like the best that I can do is drop a few one line phrases that are short enough for me to say and it sound legit and I don’t have to worry about the grammar C’est dommage, my parents aren’t proud lol

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Anonymous asked:

I recently cut my hair and I'm pretty sure it's the happiest I've been in a long time. Being without hair makes me feel beautiful.

Ahh yes can I see a photo?! I think everyone should just cut all their hair off we can all be cute happy and bald together! d’accord?

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Anonymous asked:

Your face is flawless!! What do you put on it from preventing pimples?

Ive always struggled with having like amazing skin one week and like crazy breakouts out of nowhere the next.

I’ve gotten it under control though the past few months, my face is really sensitive so I just take extra precaution with it:
I drink mad water, I don’t wear foundation or any powder or liquid makeup, I change my sheets as often as I feel I need to, I wash my face at least twice a day, I don’t touch my face throughout the day unless my hands are thoroughly clean and I keep the number of products I use on my face to a minimum to reduce the risk of any reactions. I only use Cetaphil to wash and coconut oil and NARS tinted moisturizer to moisturize and as a sunscreen

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Anonymous asked:

Were you serious about the African American apparel thing? And if so will it be inclusive to non size 0 people?

Yes. And If you’re familiar with my brand http://000sportwear.us you’d know that is how I role

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lowcutcaesar asked:

I haven't cared for pink since I found out she wasn't light skin


pink was fake light skin before rita ora

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newera-etiquette asked:

Im not trying to be rude or obsence but your body is amazing tell me your ways so I can be beautifully curvy as well


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lil’ kim attending aaliyah's funeral (circa 2001).

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Me and all my baes

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I Just spent my whole day at work shaving down my cashmere sweaters like wow today was a good day

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Fight Night [Prod. By Stack Boy Twan]
Migos - No Label 2
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I MISS US :(((((((((

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I MISS US :(((((((((
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Anonymous asked:

The gh in thought can stand for graduated high school

Yu took the joke too far,
It’s not even funny anymore now so thanks for that.